What's in My Backyard?

Hey kids! This week we are looking at the plants, critters, nature, and litter in our backyard! Follow Navya along on her journey to explore her backyard! We hope you can join us in fill out your sheet too!

How to Be Eco-Friendly at Home!

This week we are learning some tips and tricks on how to be eco-friendly in the comfort of your own house! These are some simple ways to get started and make a difference by changing everyday practices that you usually might not think twice about. We did not cover every way to be more eco-friendly so, as always, research is always encouraged! Thank you to everyone for a successful first session and first official week post-launch!


This week we get to learn about nature's own recycling system: Composting! Join Lauren as she talks about her own compost bin, how to compost, and the benefits of composting! We hope this video inspires you to buy your own compost bin and embark on a journey to create nutrient rich soil for your garden!

Food Chains!

This week, we are discovering how energy transfers through an ecosystem by going through an ocean food chain! We get to learn about producers and consumers as our Shape Green Teachers talk about their role in this food chain.