About Us

Meet the team


Sharayu Deo - Founder

Sharayu Deo is a junior in high school, and has been passionate about sustainability and environmental activism since childhood. She started “Go Wild” at her elementary school and “Plastic Waste Awareness” in middle school and plans to continue on her pursuit to educate others about the environment. When she isn't doing homework or volunteering for her community, Sharayu likes to paint, take pictures, read, and dance and sing along to Bollywood music.

Sharayu's favorite animal: Red Pandas!


Jaci Baker-Green - Instructor

Jaci Baker-Green is a junior in high school. She has loved spending time in nature for as long as she remembers. She strives to spark this interest and passion in others, especially children. She loves to play sports, read, and spend time with her friends!

Jaci's favorite animal: Koala


Navya Goli - Instructor

Navya is currently a junior in high school and has been passionate about combating environmental issues and gardening since she was young. Every spring she starts a garden in her backyard and in Tom Sawyer's garden lots and plants new vegetables and fruits with her father. Navya has helped to lead meetings and recycling collections around her school. At home she tries to stay as sustainable as possible maintaining recycling around the home, a vegetarian diet, and ensuring that there is less waste. Navya believes that teaching the younger generation about environmental issues is crucial to ensure that our future leaders will be conscious, responsible, educated, and prepared

Navya's favorite animal: Elephant


Lauren Curry - Instructor

Lauren is currently a junior in high school and involved in various clubs like the National Honors Society and the Environmental Club. She's an active member of the community and spends time in local churches where she teaches kids, as well as babysitting. Lauren enjoys exploring the environment by running and walking in new parks or hiking trails. Apart from running and school, she spends most of her time reading and volunteering, or with her family.

Lauren's favorite animal: Cat


Courtney Crittenden - Instructor

Courtney Crittenden is a junior in high school and loves nature and helping the environment. She enjoys picking up trash, finding new sustainable alternatives and teaching kids. In her free time, Courtney loves doing crafts, puzzles, listening to music, reading or playing with her 5 cats.

Courtney's favorite animal: Frog


Anirudh Srinivasan - Developer

Anirudh Srinivasan is a junior in high school who has been interested in computer science and programming from a very young age. He loves the outdoors and has a deep regard for the environment. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, listening to music, and spending time with his family

Anirudh's favorite animal: Tiger!


Sathvik Bhavaraju - Developer

Sathvik Bhavaraju is a junior in high school who gained in interest in computer science and programming since he was 10. He enjoys going outside and spending time with friends. In his free time, he plays sports and has a hobby for website freelancing.

Sathvik's favorite animal: Cheetah.

Evan Zhou - Graphic Designer

Evan Zhou is a junior in highschool, and is invested in graphic designing. He enjoys nature's beauty and loves spending time outdoors. Evan likes to work out, listen to music and drive in his free time.

Evan's favorite animal: Snow leopard